2024 17-29 july juli

united states of america to wolfsburg /

vereinigte staaten von amerika nach wolfsburg

after years of traveling to the lake for “usa to wörthersee”, in 2024 we will continue our international journeys from the usa to germany, with stops are major automotive locations across the country, finishing at the the gti coming home event in wolfsburg.

we’ll visit factories (volkswagen, liqui moly, hengst filtration), factory museums (audi, bmw, porsche, volkswagen), car shows (gti coming home, tief im wald), and race tracks (we’ll drive the nürburgring, and watch pro racing at hockenheimring).

you can buy a used car in europe and bring is back to the usa or canada afterwards – it’s got to be 25+ years old for usa – , or you can rent / borrow a car, or ask if there’s a passenger seat available.

dates and stops are shown below, but are subject to confirmation and change. you are welcome to join and leave the group itinerary as you wish. we’ll share our hotel list so you can book your own rooms with us or nearby.

audi museum


bmw museum


jp performance / pace museum


porsche museum


volkswagen museum


hengst filtration factory


liqui moly factory hq


meyle global hq


gti coming home treffen


nürburgring nordschleife


tief im wald treffen


day tagprojected schedule subject to changelocation
16 tu di(collect cars if driving own car)emden
17 we midinner to start tourdortmund
jp performance / pace museum
18 th dohengst filtration hqmünster
nürburgring nordschleifenürburg
19 fr frporsche museumstuttgart
tourism – stuttgart
20 sa satief im wald treffen +oberhof
or tourism day (mercedes +)stuttgart
21 su sohockenheimring gt race +mannheim
or tourism day
dinner – ulmulm
22 mo moliqui moly hqulm
23 tu dibmw museum münchen
24 we miaudi museumingolstadt
drive hanover
25 th domeyle hqhamburg
tourism – hamburghamburg
26 fi frvolkswgen hq museumwolfsburg
gti coming home
27 sa sagti coming home treffenwolfsburg
28 su sogti coming home / tourismwolfsburg
29 mo modeliver cars for export / fly homeemden
30 tu difly home

the price and other info.

want to buy a car in europe and drive it, then bring it back?
it must be :

\ older then 25 years old for usa or 15 years old for canada
\ have export or other plates available – so must have german tuv or dutch apk inspections if buying in those countries – we can advise
\ the closer it is to dortmund the cheaper local transport will be to our start point, or you can collect from buyer yourself and meet us there

/ we can arrange collection from seller and transport to a mechanic to check it out or directly to the meeting point
/ we can assist with registration
/ we can arrange breakdown assistance…

} when it arrives in the usa you will need to budget 3% of the purchase price for usa taxes and a small amount for port fees
} you can collect the car at l’oe show in pottstown pa usa and get a free display spot on the sunday of the show – nearest airports are philadelphia phl or allentown bethlehem abe. we can arrange transport for the car from the port to the show ready for you and can arrange an airport collection for you also

the price to join the tour is usd $999 without a car to bring home – get a rental or borrow a car
the price to join the tour and bring home a car is usd $3337

this is for the entry to the tours, shows, races, etc, and car return shipping if applicable. it’s the same price if you have two or more people in one car.

your hotels, flights, food and fuel, and buying / registering / car insurance etc are on you – but we can and will help organise this.

we’ll meet in dortmund on july 17th, and can have your car transported to be there ready for you. the closest major airports are düsseldorf, cologne (seriously, can we all just call it köln ?), frankfurt, amsterdam, etc.

the deadline for signing up is june 28th. but for real, that doesn’t leave long to find a car, get it bought, transported, fixed, and all the other things you’ll want to do to the car before driving it.

want to join? do the email thing sales at orchideuro dot com

all rights reserved, no guarantee or offer of acceptance or tour unless confirmed in writing. not affiliated with any companies or entities under expressly stated. dates subject to change and cancellation at anytime.

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